Wiz Community Guidelines
We welcome you at the WizKlub family! Our WizKlub family is for geniuses like you to learn, connect and explore together.
Our Mission
We, at WizKlub, envision to set out on a mission towards creating a million thinking minds who are smart technology users and developers. We present to you a set of guidelines to outline what we do and don't, which shall help you to have an understanding of how we function in this community. We look into ensuring that this space is interactive, supportive and safe for all our users.
User Provided Information
While sharing any of your personal information on our platform, we take care that your data is well protected with us and prevented from doxing. All the information provided by our users are solely to present you with a better experience and offers that might associate with your interests. We are committed to performing on a level of transparency which are easy to comprehend. In case of any discrepancy you can reach out to us.
Access to your Personal Information
Our strict policies do not allow access to information of our users which are personal and confidential such as your personal ID, personal contact information and addresses, financial information, your online portal login information, etc. If any form of tampering is encountered, you can report and contact us immediately. As a user on our application, only you can access/change/remove any personal information provided by you to us.
While you surf us through your browser, cookies are sent to your device in order to learn more about your preferences in regards to what our community has to offer. With the help of cookies we can enhance your interaction with WizKlub by upgrading your experience and personalizing this platform for you. However, users can always choose to opt out from accepting cookies sent to the browsers.
How long do we intend to retain our users data?
We currently intend to keep our user data with us forever. We reserve the right to change this procedure in accordance with further legal and business requirements. If necessary, we may shorten the retention period for certain types of data unless otherwise banned.
Links provided to you, would be useful in a way by allowing us to track whether or not they've been followed. These data will be used to enhance our personalised content. When you click on the links, you may be redirected to sites that are not under our control. We cannot be held liable for the privacy practises of third-party websites. When our users leave our site, we urge them to read the privacy statements of each and every website they visit.
We want to ensure an inspirational and informative experience of our users on our platform, hence, removing spam content from our space when we come across it. To maintain a healthy community environment, it is necessary to consider others' experience on WizKlub. Spreading spam content or engaging in any activity directed to the same shall result in being removed from the site. Avoid creating or operating accounts which are unauthentic. Refrain from posting inappropriate messages or comments or linking to unsafe websites which may be encouraging spam content.
WizKlub community does not encourage any form of violent content or individuals. If any form of distribution regarding such content on our platform is detected we shall restrict them by limiting access of any individual or group posing as a threat to the community. Extremist behaviour or other violent activity promoting organizations can be removed from this space. Kindly consider being thoughtful about the content you post which might pose as a threat to others inclined publicly on this platform.
Any activity of cheating, tampering or being dishonest on this platform which gives any individual a foul advantage of our community is strictly barred. In case any user is found indulging in dishonest means or exploiting this space, they shall be removed from the WizKlub platform and banned from having access to our community.
In order to protect our WizKlub platform, we ask you to not tamper our technical provider systems or attempt to break through our security means. Do not seek unsupported methods to access or change the Wizklub platform. Sharing of your personal portal login details should be avoided in order to protect your account from my activity that might put it at risk.
User Consent
As an authorized user on this platform, you provide or share any information with us in accordance to your acknowledgement of our terms of services as well as our community guidelines. Your consent to sharing of information with our platform grants us permission to access, reserve, publish, remove and supervise the provided data along the lines of our guidelines. We expect you to be regardful of our terms of services and community guidelines, you connect with us for more guidance.
The above guidelines of WizKlub community are put together to ensure you have a gratifying and learning interaction with WizKlub. Our WizKlub support team is unfailingly available for feedback and to guide you with our products and services.